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The origonal Coconut Grove, prior to Irma.

About Us

One of the many feathered friends around Coconut Grove.

Coconut Grove was originally built in 1999/2000, and was rented by vacationers from all over the world. Following Hurricane's Irma and Maria (often referred to as Hurricane Irmaria) in September 2017, Coconut Grove was rebuilt and remodeled.  For the following 3 years, the villa was used long term, to facilitate the rebuild of Virgin Gorda.  Now in 2022, the villa is available once again for guests wanting a luxurious and peaceful vacation, either short or long term.

We are very happy and privileged to welcome back guests to Virgin Gorda into Coconut Grove Villa.

Head of security, but doubles sometimes Avocado Retriever.
More feathered wildlife in our waters.
Hurricanes Irma & Maria Photo's  
Sept. 2017
View after Hurricane Irma in 2017
Remnants of Coconut Grove after eye of Hurricane Irma passed over us.
Hurricane Irmas damage - furnitures all gone.
View of North Sound after Hurrican Irma, with large vessel on shore .
Hurricane Irma and Maria damage in the neighborhood of Leverick Bay.
More rebuilding pictures at Coconut Grove.
Fabulous team of workers re-building.
Rebuilding of Coconut Grove Villa.
A pump and concrete truck doing what it does best.  Rebuilding!!
Ceramic roof tiles being laid.
Well, the rebuild looks almost finished.  Well done Yates Associates!!
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